Who are we?

We are the only local organisation dedicated to conserving all habitats and species across North Wales for the enjoyment of people and the benefit of wildlife. Founded in 1963, we have grown into an important voice for wildlife, and for local people who care about the future of their natural environment. With over 4,000 members in North Wales, and working with 46 other Wildlife Trusts, we are part of the largest UK voluntary organisation dedicated to conserving the full range of the UK’s habitats and species, whether in the countryside, towns or at sea. We care for over 720 hectares of land in 35 of the 2,200 UK Wildlife Trust nature reserves; we stand up for wildlife; we inspire people about the natural world and we encourage them to take action for their local wildlife. We employ around 18 staff who work with a fantastic team of over 250 volunteers, and none of this would be possible without the support of our members, local branches, business Wildlife Partners, and funders.
What do we do?

We are working for a future where North Wales is rich in wildlife and enjoyed by all.

We aim to restore biodiversity and engage people with their environment.

To achieve this we will:

stand up for wildlife and the environment
create and enhance wildlife havens
inspire people about the natural world
encourage individual action for wildlife and the environment

We will do this through:

Living Landscapes: to work in partnership to develop landscape scale schemes where wildlife and people thrive
Living Seas: to secure healthy marine habitats that are not suffering over-exploitation, pollution and degradation
Inspiring People: to understand, enjoy and value the natural world.
Action: to encourage individual action for wildlife and the environment

Our Aim

Our aim is to work towards re-creating functionally connected ecosystems on a broad scale, both in the countryside and under sea, in order to increase their resilience to climate change and other threats to wildlife. This will be achieved through engagement with people at every level, so they can share our vision.