A Welsh Government Update:  Youth Work in Wales – What does it mean for young people?

Over the last few months, Welsh Government officials have been talking with the youth work sector about its experiences and thoughts regarding the youth services and activities available for young people in Wales. This is to help develop proposals to strengthen the legal requirements for youth work. You can read more about some of the key messages from those conversations here.

Since then, we have met with a wide range of partners and organisations to explore some themes and issues in more detail.

To help us move this work forward and make sure it reflects the views and experiences of young people, we want to hear from you. If you are a young person aged between 11 and 25 living in Wales, we are interested to learn more about your experiences of youth work and hear your ideas about how it can continue to grow and develop, alongside other important services that work hard to help young people be happy, healthy and connected as much as possible.

Whether you take part in regular or occasional youth work, or if you’ve not yet had the chance, we want to ask you the following questions:


  1. What youth work provision is available in your community or online now where you can meet friends, try new things and get advice and support when you need it?
  2. Is there anything which stops or makes it difficult for you to access this youth work provision at the moment?
  3. What youth work activities, services or events would you like or need that you don’t have at the moment?


To learn more please watch the videos linked below.

What is Youth Work

What does it mean to young people in Wales


How to get involved and share your experiences?

Please email us at YouthWork@gov.wales where we will aim to give you more information or put you in touch with a local youth service who can help you to access a group response.

You can write your responses, send us a photo of your responses, or share a short video or voice message. If you need help, you can ask your youth worker, support worker, teacher or anyone you know and trust to submit these responses on your behalf.

Deadline for submitting responses: Sunday 9th June, 2024.