Measuring Impact

CWVYS has been working on an outcomes approach and has produced a series of proposals for the Welsh Government with the full support of Youth Work Alliance Wales.

The paper, Towards an outcomes and impact approach for the youth sector in Wales (copy available here) draws on the work and experience of a number of bodies including the Young Foundation. It emphasises the need for an approach which takes into account the experience of voluntary youth organisations, is straightforward in operation and supports rather than detracts from their work.

Training & recognition

CWVYS believes everyone working with young people is part of their holistic development. CWVYS training supports the delivery of safe, effective and consistent standards of youth work.

CWVYS Consortium Project

A Consortium of 10 CWVYS members working together to build stronger communities through a programme of youth led community activity delivered through truly collaborative working.

The National Youth Work Strategy for Wales

Setting the direction for youth work organisations for the next four years.

On the 26th June 2019 the Minister for Education launched the new National Youth Work Strategy for Wales. The strategy was developed by the Interim Youth Board following consultation with the statutory and voluntary sector.

CWVYS member’s views were collated at CWVYS regional group meetings and special consultation events.