CWVYS Learning Exchange

  • This will create a ‘marketplace’ of opportunities for individuals and organisations to both deliver and receive training/learning opportunities from each other. It will benefit all parties without them having to expend any extra financial resources.
  • In order that the Learning Exchange meets the needs of organisations within the CWVYS Membership, it is essential that their needs for training and their capacity as providers of training and learning opportunities are identified. Such co-operative working practices are essential in order that small and larger organisations can benefit equally from accessing such opportunities.
  • It is hoped that it will comprise a broad range of reputable training providers and mentors drawn from the CWVYS Membership.
  • CWVYS is not seeking to impose this model on any Member organisation and nor does it wish to ‘compete’ with Members’ training programmes which provide an income stream for those same organisations.
  • CWVYS members can also advertise their training and events which are open to the wider sector and public, and those which are costed.