Taith is Wales’ international learning exchange programme, launched in February 2022.

Taith will offer funding and support for youth organisations across Wales, with a particular focus on those who have no or limited experience of international mobility.

Taith currently has two pathways, Pathway 1 focuses on individual mobility opportunities for young people and organisations to travel outside Wales. Pathway 2 focuses on building and developing strategic partnerships with international partners for the benefit of young people and youth work in Wales.


Pathway 1

Taith Pathway 1 for Youth is currently closed to applications.

For an overview of Pathway 1 please see the Taith Programme Guide 2023.

There is a specific Guide for Youth Pathway 1 which may be of interest to you too.

The following are a list of resources which may be of use to you as you consider making an application or as you progress with one.


You can find Ellie Bevan’s presentation going through the Programme Guide and looking at what’s available for the Youth Sector specifically here; Taith – Introduction to Youth – English

You can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here; https://www.cwvys.org.uk/taith-frequently-asked-questions-faqs/


Pathway 2

You can find general information on Pathway 2 on the Taith website here https://www.taith.wales/pathway_2/youth/overview/ and also in the Programme Guide Taith-Pathway-2-English – Pathway 2 – Taith

Taith Pathway 2 is currently OPEN for applications until 30th November 2023!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Taith Coordinator for the Youth Sector Organising Body, Vicky Court via VickyCourt@wcia.org.uk or the Taith team directly via enquiries@taith.wales