CWVYS wants everyone working with young people to have access to appropriate training and development opportunities

Through CWVYS membership you are able to access training and development to suit your organisation, volunteers, staff and trustees. CWVYS is able to direct you to training opportunities within Wales and share training and development opportunities with its members

CWVYS training aims to develop professional development and competency of volunteers and staff for the delivery of safe, effective and consistent standards of youth work for the benefit of young people in Wales.

Youth work qualifications

Youth work is a distinct profession with its own qualifications framework that has parity with teaching and social work.

The Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) for Youth and Community Workers is the body that sets the national framework used to grade and pay youth work jobs. The JNC also recognise youth and community workers’ qualifications which have been professionally approved by the Education and Training Standards (ETS) Wales Committee. ETS Wales have a list of all endorsed courses on their website.

Gaining a qualification that is either endorsed or validated by ETS Wales and recognised by the JNC ensures that it is fit for purpose and is developing youth workers to meet the needs of young people.

Accreditations can start with the CWVYS Induction Programme ‘ A Stepping Stone To Youth Work’.

CWVYS is pleased to continue its valuable working relationship with Adult Learning Wales. More information about progression routes through youth work can be provided by Adult Learning Wales

Workforce Development Group

The CWVYS Workforce Development Group is a representative group of CWVYS member organisations.

Its aim is:

‘Shaping training for the Voluntary Youth Services in Wales’

Workforce Development Group objectives

  • To provide a forum for discussion on the development of training and workforce development-based issues in the voluntary youth work sector in Wales
  • To seek, develop and advise upon new workforce development opportunities
  • To raise awareness of training and workforce development and create better understanding and value of the impact it has on Wales as a whole
  • To monitor external issues relating to profile and reputation
  • To ensure that any developments are informed by the field
  • To provide a forum for Welsh Government consultations

If you would like to be involved in the Workforce Development Group either as a regular member or to share information about your work, please get in touch

Youth Work Methodology Handbooks

Between 2009-2011 CWVYS was commissioned by the Welsh Government to facilitate the research and publishing of Youth Work Methodology Handbooks or best practice guides for youth workers in Wales.

CWVYS facilitated this work by bringing together voluntary youth organisations and maintained local authority youth services.

Youth Workers in Schools

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Youth Work Apprenticeships
Youth Exchanges

Young People with Disabilities

Welsh Language Youth Work


Sustinable Development & Global Citizenship

Social Enterprise

Residential & Outdoor Provision

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Planning & Evaluation

Partnerships – Working in Collaboration

Mobile Youth Provision


Health and Wellbeing

Fit for Purpose Youth Centres


Enabling Participation

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Detached and Outreach Youth Work


14-19 Learning Pathways