Today (Friday 17 May 2024), Wales’ largest youth organisation, Urdd Gobaith Cymru continues the 102-year tradition of sharing an annual Peace and Goodwill Message by the young people of Wales with the world, by releasing ‘Gweithred yw Gobaith – Hope is an Action’ in a striking animated film.

Since 1922 the young people of Wales have thrown a spotlight on themes that are important to them whilst sharing a message of peace with the world.

Every May a message has been shared without fail, initially through Morse code, then through the BBC World Service and more recently through digital media. Last year’s anti-racism Peace Message was seen by millions in 50 countries and supported by celebrities and hundreds of schools across Wales and beyond.

2024’s Peace Message honours the legacy of the Welsh Women’s Peace Petition of 1923-1924, signed by 400,000 women across Wales (said to be 7 miles in length). The Message states that “the challenge of our century’s next chapter” is the continuing need to advocate for peace and putting an end to atrocities, wars, and violence.

We hope that you will join us in sharing the message on whichever social media platforms you use;