G-Expressions is a community dance group formed by me and my two younger cousins who have a strong passion for dance.

It was established 1st November 2010. G-Expressions’ objectives back then were to engage, support and empower whilst offering an open access ‘safe dance space’.

Young people were able to position themselves confidently in team building and skills development processes whilst having fun in a creative and innovative environment. Over the years, working alongside our sister organisation, Urban Circle Productions, we developed and up skilled ourselves further, intending to promote and increase the interest of the public in dance and to support young people to gain understanding and practice the art of dance.

In short, we provided opportunities for young people to learn responsibility through purposeful activity.

G-Expressions are now a creative company focused on the delivery of the highest quality street dance education, performance and consultancy.

Founded on the principle of excellence in street dance being a right for all, our aim is to inspire, create and educate through street dance and hip-hop culture, with a particular interest in the learning and development of children, young people, adults and communities.

You can follow G-Expressions on Instagram (GX_wales) and TikTok (gx_wales).