At The British Deaf Association we believe that every Deaf child has the right to bi-lingual education.

Alongside the medical and technological improvements of recent decades, it is important for every Deaf child to learn about the positive aspects of being Deaf.

9 out of every 10 Deaf children are now born to hearing parents. For a Deaf child to reach his/her full potential, it is vital that the child, parents and siblings learn to sign. Being part of the Deaf Community broadens the horizons for the Deaf child and his/her family with access to the rich culture, heritage, support and role models within this thriving community.

When a baby is diagnosed as being Deaf, alongside the medical model, a cultural model must be introduced to support the family and provide access to a broader base of information.
What is BDA doing about it?

By making BSL more visible to the general public, it is hoped that parents of Deaf children will come to the BDA for information, as well as talking to other organisations. This way, parents will be fully informed and can make the best decision for their child and their family.