Some CWVYS members may recall from our International Newsletter this month (and many previous ones since the programme was announced), information on the Welsh International Learning Exchange Programme. There is currently a consultation process open to the Youth sector, for people to feed back to the policy development team.

Here is the consultation form;

It has many questions, but as it says on the consultation page; “anything you are unable to answer, simply leave blank.”

It also notes that “there is no save option with this form. It will take about 30 minutes to complete.”

If you are submitting a response, it might be worth writing your answers in a word document or draft email, anything that allows you to save as you go along, so that if anything crashes you won’t have lost all your answers!

The deadline to submit a response is the 19th of October 2021 at 5pm.

This will be discussed at the National Youth Work Conference on the 14th of October if anyone is interested, details on how to book your free place at the conference can be found on our website here;

Unfortunately, a Welsh translation of the consultation form will not be available until next week. For those hoping to respond in Welsh, we can suggest beginning to formulate your answers (based on the English questions) before the form becomes available if time is an issue for you and you may be unable to submit after next week (due to staff on leave or what have you).

As part of the development of the International Learning Exchange Programme, there’s a vacancy for an Executive Director. You can find bilingual information here;