Here you can find the new brochure from CWVYS’ Business Group, which launches at today’s Christmas edition of the All Wales CWVYS Members’ Meeting; BROCHURE December 21 (ENG)

It is hoped that this will provide a quick overview for members, especially those who wish to prepare information/ideas/requests for the group.

This work will be piloted around the Cardiff and Vale area starting in January.
Lizzy Bacon, who is undertaking a piece of research mapping the Voluntary Youth Sector in Wales, will use this as a research opportunity to record the needs for member organisations and request feedback on the career interests and skills developments for young people.
The first focus will be members in the Cardiff and Vale region.
As part of this, the business group members will be approaching companies to participate in the pilot, looking to secure appropriate placements for young people.

Alongside this and as part of the businesses’ CSR agendas, they will identify staff with relevant skills to volunteer and support our members in order to strengthen, sustain and grow their services.

If you have any questions, please ask our Membership & Business Support Officer Mandi, via