At last week’s Youth Work Week Showcase event CWVYS met Rachael, a promoter of BrightSky, who’s post is funded by the Home Office.

Bright Sky is a FREE app for anyone who may be in an abusive relationship. It also provides support for friends and families of victims, practitioners and employers who are looking for information about domestic and sexual abuse, sexual consent, online safety, stalking and harassment.

Bright Sky contains a UK-wide directory of Specialist Support Services. The help includes short questionnaires to assess safety of a relationship and steps to consider if leaving an abusive relationship. It provides information on healthy relationships, different forms of abuse, types of support available, how you can help and so much more. It has a function to record evidence in a Private Journal and provides a guide to on-line safety.

In an effort to raise awareness of Bright Sky Rachael can deliver brief demonstrations to smaller groups e.g. trainers/managers/safeguarding leads/youth workers and other key people.

These presentations then allow organisations to see first-hand how this app could benefit them and the people that come into contact with their service.

There is NO COST associated with Bright Sky. It is endorsed by the Home Office, supported by Welsh Government\WCVA and is the only app that is licensed by Secured by Design.
More information can be found on

Rachael will be present at the next CWVYS Workforce Development Group meeting on the 25th of September. To learn more in the meantime visit or download the app on your phone, tablet or computer FOR FREE from the app store.