Welsh Government welcome your views on draft guidance on 14 to 16 learning under the Curriculum for Wales.

‘From September 2023, all schools in Wales are teaching under the Curriculum for Wales in all year groups up to Year 8. The curriculum will subsequently roll out to older year groups until, from September 2026, all 3 to 16 learners will be following the Curriculum for Wales. The aspiration of the Curriculum for Wales is that all learners leave education at 16 with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to succeed, and having developed the capacities, dispositions and characteristics described in the four purposes, this represents the first step in supporting young people to thrive as lifelong learners. We want all learners’ achievements and progression to be recognised and to support them as they move to the next stage of their education, training or employment.’

For more information on how to submit your view, please visit – 14 to 16 learning under the Curriculum for Wales [HTML] | GOV.WALES