Next week there will be Webinars on Taith Pathway 2, in particular an introduction to the Calculation Tool and the Application Form.


4pm on Tuesday the 25th of October (in English)

4 pm Thursday the 27th of October (in Welsh)

12pm Friday the 28th of October (in English)


For Webinars in English please note, they will be presented in English but you are encouraged and able to submit questions and comments, aloud or via the chat, in Welsh.

Webinars will likely last no longer than 1 hour.

If you would like to submit questions and queries to the hosts beforehand, you can do so via:

The team are so supportive and I do encourage you to contact them (or us if you’re not sure) as they will honestly do what they can to assist you.

You can find more information on these events and Pathway 2 on the Taith website: