Dear Members, please see this excellent offer from one of your fellow CWVYS members.  To secure a place please contact Gayle Harris directly –

Dr Mz is able to fund training from St Giles Trust in April and would like to offer it to all of you before going out to other partners. The training is delivered by people with lived experience of gang crime. There are 15 places, on a first come first serve basis, and limited to a maximum of 2 places per member. £10 per head for refreshments and lunch

 Below is a breakdown of the SOS+ sessions on gangs and county lines and what it usually entails:  

·         The session will start with an intro of who we are and what we do
·         Testimony based on the facilitators lived experience their turning point
·         They break down what COUNTY LINES is, what it looks like from the perpetrators perspective. The Why and How?
·         We break down what CUCKOOING is, what it looks like from the Perpetrators perspective and vulnerable persons view. 
·         The mind-set of a Drug dealer how  they look at young people in exploiting their vulnerabilities
·         The GROOMING LINE, how young people and vulnerable adults are groomed
·         We touch on the realities of being a drug runner, in a Drug Den ·         The realities and consequences of going to prison and what It looks like
·         The realities and consequences of being involved with a gang and what serious injuries looks like, families being targets
·         Young people signs and indicators
·         Wrap up with a Practical for Advice and guidance  

The training takes place on 29th April between 10-3pm at Carmarthen Youth Project (Dr Mz).

At 4pm, we will be running a training session for the young people so if you want and are able to bring a group down they would be welcome to join us.