Ending homelessness is no pipe dream. But getting there is going to take commitment, and a willingness to change entrenched working practices.

This year’s Preventing Homelessness Seminar, sponsored by the Oak Foundation, is all about changing systems so that they work for people. We’ll be hearing the results of Shelter Cymru’s latest Oak

Foundation-funded research on homelessness prevention. We’ll be learning together and debating solutions, including:

• How to achieve zero evictions into homelessness
• Adopting rapid rehousing – what are the challenges? What’s the potential?
• Maximising the role of social housing allocations

1 day
£70.00 + Admin fee per delegate

Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/preventing-homelessness-v-a-seminar-of-best-practice-supported-by-the-oak-foundation-tickets-80668259937