This month Play Wales and Playful Childhoods have launchedĀ When I was your ageā€¦,Ā a new campaign designed to challenge misconceptions around teenagers and play by inspiring nostalgia and reminding adults of what it is to be young.

While playing, or ā€˜hanging outā€™, might look different today thanks to the introduction of technology and changing social habits, we want to encourage teens and their parents, carers or grandparents to compare their experiences of play and find the similarities between them ā€“ whether thatā€™s them learning dances on TikTok, or adults playing Snake on their Nokia 3310 a few years back!

Teenagers from across Wales have been giving a voice to the campaign, sharing their experiences of playing and hanging out with their friends, and encouraging adults to think about the similarities between them to encourage more tolerance of their presence in public spaces.

This is where you and come in!

Help to share the important message of #WhenIWasYourAge and as many teens and adults sharing their experiences.

Below you will find our toolkit (in English and Welsh) with more information about the campaign, and how you can get involved in the promotion by sharing and encouraging conversation on social media.

  • Use the toolkit to find out more about the campaign, and find suggested copy for use on e-newsletters and websites
  • Follow us on social media and share #WhenIWasYourAge content
  • Encourage your networks, colleagues, friends and family to get involved