We are eager to share information from the Future Generations Commissioner’s office, including how you can get involved in their work:

1) Our Future Wales National Conversation
They are currently conducting a national conversation to help inform the Commissioner’s 2020 Future Generations Report to be published in the spring.   

Since they launched the national conversation they have learnt a great deal from the many personal stories, experiences and interesting suggestions they heard at the five workshops across Wales.  But this information-gathering  doesn’t stop here.  They would like you to hold conversations with your networks and stakeholders in your area which will help us gather innovative ideas and solutions to some of the issues discussed.  You can do this in the following ways:

2) Big Ideas

The ‘Big Ideas’ campaign is your space to suggest your big ideas. These big ideas could be things you’ve seen whilst abroad, something you’ve thought of yourself or simply something innovative in your own community. They want to ensure Wales is continually learning and that they are capturing these ‘Big Ideas’ .

3) People’s Platform

They are continuing to collect stories, experiences and views electronically (as many times as you like) via the People’s Platform and you can complete the online survey. If you would like to be more involved in this project and help to collect stories and ideas please complete the Expression of Interest form. The Future Generations Commissioner wants to involve as many organisations and people as possible who can help extend their reach especially to those within our communities who are seldom heard.  

4) Organise your own events

They would love you to hold your own events, to help you do this the Commissioner has prepared a ‘toolkit’ and resources that you can use in your own events or usual meetings and conversations to feed back to us to inform the 2020 Future Generations Report.  

Please share this information with your networks, colleagues and friends.