LoadedUK is a Youth Development Company. Our Mission
To provide quality character formation enabling healthy foundations to be laid for each and every young person to flourish.


  • To provide environments and opportunities that nurture young leaders capable to become community shapers and world changers, being a launching pad into who they are made to be.
  • To serve in increasing opportunity for the healthy development socially, emotionally, spiritually and practically through positive challenge.
  • To provide excellence that values the character development of every individual through adventurous challenge.
  • To offer world class learning environments, resources and opportunities that establish strong partnerships and inspire true effective collaboration with many other educational institutions and organisations.

• To improve the life chances and positive well-being of children, young people and young adults.
• To provide equal opportunity and access for young people considered at risk of exclusion, excluded, marginalised or not in education of employment to develop personally and professionally.
• To add value to the national curriculum through educational programmes that offer experiential learning and enrichment activities.
• To create a new generation of young leaders who are willing and able to lead positive change in their communities and their world.

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