Volunteer Police Cadets is a nationally recognised police uniformed youth group, for young people 14 and 18 years old.

The purpose of the VPC is not to recruit Police Officers, but to encourage the spirit of adventure and good citizenship. A Police Cadet is a young person from any background who has a desire to gain an understanding in policing and support their local community in line with current Policing priorities. The VPC encourages young people to develop life skills, meet new friends and achieve transferable qualifications.

Police Cadets participate in a number of volunteering events, some of these are:
• Attending weekly unit sessions
• Assisting in targeted crime prevention initiatives, by delivering leaflets containing key messages to residents and businesses.
• Man stalls at community events and engage with members of the public
• Offering advice at crime hotspot areas such as car parks and shopping centres.
• Role actors for Probationary Police Officers and Special Constables during their training.
• Provide inputs regarding road safety and other issues to small community groups.
• Taking part in licensing operations.
• Working with Neighbourhood Police Teams to provide reassurance to communities.
• Supporting community groups
• Supporting internal events such as PC Awareness Sessions, PC Recruitment, various events / seminars.
• Work in partnership with the WRU, Glamorgan Cricket, CVQO, Aneurin Health boards and many more agencies.

If you would like to see what Gwent Police Cadets are involved in then follow them on twitter @gppolicecadets