As you will know, Estyn intends to inspect youth work provision in earnest during 2024.

CWVYS sits on the Estyn Youth Work Stakeholder Group. 

In preparation for the full round of inspections from autumn 2024, Estyn will be engaged in a range of pilot inspections.

Key points for pilots

  • The Vale of Glamorgan local authority will be the first to be inspected during the week beginning 19 February 2024
  • A voluntary youth work organisation will also be inspected before the end of March 2024. As yet, no decision or announcement has been made as to which organisation
  • The documents attached are guidance received so far from Estyn; these will be reviewed following the pilot inspections plus feedback from CWVYS and the Principal Youth Officers’ Group
  • There will be a call for Peer Inspectors from the field. Once we have received further details, we will share them with you
  • CWVYS have pressed Estyn to produce specific guidance/criteria for the scope of inspections for the voluntary youth work sector
  • We understand that Estyn is preparing a Communications Strategy for the roll-out of inspections following the 2 pilots.

The 2 documents attached are:

  • How we inspect youth work, which covers the processes of the inspection
  • What we inspect in youth work, cover the areas that will be inspected

Please note these are draft documents and are subject to change following the feedback from the pilot inspections and the field. 

We felt that it was important to provide you with an update, as a number of CWVYS Members will be drawn into the inspection within the Vale of Glamorgan.