This webinar is presented by the Young People are Thriving Implementation Participation Group, one of five groups established to support the work of the Youth Work Strategy Implementation Board.

One of the key recommendations within the ‘Time to deliver for young people in Wales’ report was “to establish a young people led governance structure for youth work in Wales”. We want to better understand the good things that are happening across Wales and help inform how this recommendation, and other aspects of our work, are developed.

In this webinar, we will share some of the work happening at a national level, much of which is new and emerging. We will discuss the vital principles and next steps to ensure a youth-led governance structure that enables young people to shape youth work services in Wales.

We want young people to have meaningful involvement at all stages of decision making which will affect them. Examples of best practice will be shared during the webinar, and we want to gather further evidence to feed into our work to strengthen the legislative basis for youth work. Information gathered as part of this session will also be incorporated into the scoping work for a potential national body for youth work, where we want to ensure young people are not just involved but would have specific roles to play.
Presenters include:

  • David Williams, Torfaen Youth Service – Chair of the Young People are Thriving IPG
  • Sharon Lovell – Chair of the Youth Work Strategy Implementation Board
  • Dyfan Evans, Welsh Government
  • Merthyr Youth Advisory Panel: Snakes ‘n’Ladders – The Other Pandemic
  • Rebekah Burns, St John Ambulance
  • Victoria Allen, Welsh Government
    The second part of the webinar will include break-out workshops where we will discuss the following:
  • What does good and bad Youth Governance look like to you?
  • What can we learn from previous good practice that may not be currently happening?
  • What examples of youth governance do we have now?
  • What key guiding principles do we want to embed, and how?
  • What are some of the potential barriers?

We welcome those involved in youth work in Wales who are interested in learning more and contributing to this discussion. Sign up free today on this link: