Dear Funders

Covid-19 and Role of CWVYS and the Voluntary Youth Work sector

The youth work sector has a key role to play in supporting young people, and also as part of the overall response, in Wales to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The voluntary youth work sector in Wales has a vitally important role to play in supporting young people, and also in part of the overall response, in Wales to the Covid-19 outbreak.

CWVYS is aware that you are working hard to support those organisations currently in receipt of funds and with those who are in the middle of, or embarking upon, writing applications for financial support. This is much appreciated.

This week, I met with the Minister for Education to discuss ways in which this support might manifest itself in practical terms. In addition, CWVYS Trustees met yesterday and were keen to indicate their full support for current initiatives but also to highlight certain issues and potential solutions relating to Covid-19, which I would like to bring to your attention:

  • The welfare of young people is paramount and that this is uppermost in their collective minds. Many of our Member organisations deal with the most vulnerable young people experiencing mental health and emotional wellbeing issues, amongst many others, and are seriously concerned about service disruption at such a critical time
  • There is an urgent call to Funders to be sympathetic to the needs of organisations, provide as much flexibility as possible to ensure that no voluntary sector youth work organisation is adversely affected by a loss of revenue (without which they would be unable to deliver vital services and will ultimately be forced to permanently shut down) and to release funding even more quickly than normal

CWVYS and our Member organisations stand ready to work towards providing the necessary solutions in support of the measures being taken during this time.

Please let me know how, when and where we might be able to work together.

CWVYS is maintaining regular contact with the First Minister of Wales and with the Minister for Education. I am also copying this letter to Keith Towler, Chair of the Interim Youth Work Board.

Yours sincerely

Claire Cunliffe

Chair, CWVYS



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