24 Jun 2014

After Adoption is the only group of its kind in the region and offers adopted young people a safe space to meet and aims to improve young people’s self-confidence and reduce their sense of isolation through groups activities and discussion. It also provides an important opportunity for young people to have their voices heard amongst the wider community, by professionals involved in adoption, their peers and teachers at school.

After Adoption is an independent adoption agency working throughout England and Wales to help all those affected by adoption. From placing children with adoptive parents to supporting birth families and reuniting families separated through adoption, we can work with all groups of people affected by adoption. Over the past twenty years, we have pioneered work with birth mothers in prison, search and reunion services and work with adopted young people. Adoption has a huge impact on both individuals, their families and the society we live in. Done well, it can transform the lives of children in the care system and give them the opportunity to reach their full potential as adults.

After Adoption
11 St Peter’s Street
SA31 1LN

01267 231587


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