04 Aug 2014
Challenge Wales is a 72-foot sail-training vessel for young people aged 12-25 years. Helping young people learn life skills such as team building, communication, respect for others, responsibility and self-esteem. Challenge Wales is perfect for giving them a challenge and helping them broaden their horizons.

Based in Wales, Challenge Wales is ideal for groups of up to 10 young people and two group leaders. Trips can be from a few hours to a day or two or longer anf tailored specifically to the groups objectives. No sailing experience is necessary to take part.

Challenge Wales operates a Bursary Fund which may enable young people aged 12-25 years (whether as a group or as an individual) to tap into funding to contribute to their voyage costs. The Bursary Fund is subject to availability and eligibility at the time and can be used for matching-funding in some cases.


We have a variety of youth-work based (1 day) courses for our volunteers, which include:

• Working with Challenging Behaviour in Youth Work Settings.
Working with young people who are NEET.
Introduction to Coaching.
• Mentoring & Coaching.
Engaging & Building Relationships.
Managing Conflict with Assertiveness.

These were designed with our volunteer’s roles and our particular learning environment in mind, but are all transferable skills.

In addition, we have, can and will be hosting the following nautical courses:

• Sea Survival.
• VHF systems.
• Day Skipper Theory.
• Coastal Skipper Theory.
• First Aid.

We are happy to continue to include non-Challenge Wales personnel in these courses.


We have a meeting room available* which can hold around 12 delegates/learners, to CWVYS members we are able to rent out or exchange these for some other facility/service.
*Unfortunately, this is not wheelchair accessible.

Challenge Wales
20 Glebe St
CF64 1EE

029 2070 4657


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