17 Jul 2018

Every July CWVYS hold an Annual General Meeting, where in excess of 60 individuals linked to the field of youth work get together for conversations, announcements, accounts and of course a free lunch!


The afternoon began with a screening of young Welsh artist Thomas Evans work, a collection of incredibly mature and powerful images exploring his experiences with mental health issues. Tom was kind enough to come all the way from Ceredigion for the day to discuss his experiences over lunch and chat to members about his work and also the potential for touring it to different locations across Wales.

The response was overwhelmingly positive and we know that it sparked many a conversation. It is hoped that through exposing his work to a wider audience that too may start more conversations about this crucial subject, with young people and youth workers alike, and also ideas of creation and expression more broadly. YMCA Swansea were very keen to display some of his work permanently and we hope others will be inspired to do so too. Thank you so much Tom!

After lunch everyone was welcomed by CWVYS President Wayne David MP who made a truly valiant effort to arrive on time after delayed trains from Paddington almost made him miss the entire meeting, thanks for the herculean effort Wayne!

Our regional coordinator Catrin James introduced us to the facilities on behalf of Urdd Gobaith Cymru and we’re really grateful to the Urdd for hosting us once again in sunny Cardiff Bay.

The proceedings kicked off with the CWVYS Chair’s Report by Keith Towler , followed by the accounts and then CWVYS Treasurer’s Report delivered succinctly by our Honorary Treasurer Marco Gil Cervantes (director of members ProMo Cymru, thank you to Dayana and Liam from ProMo for joining us on the day to capture the event with these brilliant photos).


Grant Poiner of members Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales delivered the CWVYS Workforce Development Group Report in his capacity of chair of the group, thank you for that Grant and thank you also for contributing so heavily to the group throughout the year and especially our information session on the 7th of June, we really appreciate you sharing your experience with us!
Our Chief Executive Paul Glaze delivered his Report as well as announcing the Presidents’ Group, Officers and Executive Committee members for 2018-2019, you can find the full list of presidents and trustees here: http://www.cwvys.org.uk/about-cwvys/structure-and-staff/

CWVYS have been very busy this year but we’ve had a lot of great partners supporting us, particularly WISERD, and the work of Dr. Elin Royles and Prof Rhys Jones of Aberystwyth University, together we ran a series of workshops on Evaluation, Impact and Outcomes, and Bethia McNeil of the Centre For Youth impact joined us to present at those workshops too, you can find more information including the briefing report here: http://www.cwvys.org.uk/1678-2/

Following on from the creative injection supplied by Tom’s presence on the day, we announced an exciting opportunity for our members, the bursary Creu/Cyffroi! It was launched by our Projects and Membership Officer Helen Jones and you can find detailed information as well as links to the application form here: http://www.cwvys.org.uk/cwvys-bursary-creu-cyffroi/

That’s not all Helen has been working on for CWVYS though, as the main contact point for CWVYS in our position as sole Welsh partners of Eurodesk UK she works closely with the team there. It was brilliant to have representatives of the UK National Agency for the Erasmus+ programme attend our AGM. We know how busy our colleagues at Ecorys UK and the British Council are and we’re very grateful of the good relationship we have and the support we share. Helen will keep members informed on developments to the European Solidarity Corps before the October 2018 deadline of Erasmus+, in the meantime have a look at this great new resource from Eurodesk UK: http://www.cwvys.org.uk/eurodesk-uk-opportunity-finder/

As ever it was great to have representatives from the statutory youth sector in attendance, alongside colleagues from the WLGA, ETS, EWC, higher education and of course the CWVYS membership! You made what was a warm day rather refreshing and thank you for giving us your time!


We were sad to say goodbye to Keith in his capacity as CWVYS Chair, but truly grateful to his service and dedication and absolutely thrilled to welcome Claire Cunliffe as our new Chair, probably our youngest ever chairperson and definitely the first woman elected as chair of CWVYS. More words on that here: http://www.cwvys.org.uk/farewell-keith-hello-claire/

We’d like to reiterate how lucky we are to have someone with Claire’s dedication and passion for the third sector and youth work in Wales join us as chair, thanks go to Claire and our officers for the spot-on appointment.
Keith returned as a Keynote speaker, talking as the newly appointed Chair of the Interim Youth Work Board and we’re looking forward to seeing how things develop: http://www.cwvys.org.uk/the-appointment-of-the-chair-to-the-interim-youth-work-board-and-this-years-winners-of-the-youth-work-excellence-awards/

Thank you to all who made the day what it was and a special thanks go to Sarah Fox our Finance and Administration officer, you are some kind of wizard!

See you all again same time next year…

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