BAD bikes initially started in 2004, by community members as an organisation that would introduce young people to the benefits of cycling. The idea was for young people to develop and maintain tracks within the Ogmore Valley. Learn riding and maintenance skills and generally develop a positive attitude to their Health and environment. They employed a Youth worker to develop the organisation and links with the local community, however by 2005 issues relating to young people overtook the project and BAD bikes youth project was born. BAD stands for Blackmill And District.

By 2014 BAD bikes registered as a charity.
Our purpose is to help children and young people achieve regardless of the barriers they may face. Based in the community, we initially engage children at a young age in order to build trust, needs and address issues. We aim to enable them to develop their skills and confidence so that they can access opportunities available and make positive life choices. We want to broaden young people’s horizons and expose them to new experiences in order to encourage their aspirations, independence and resilience. We do this through outreach and detached work, group work and 1:1 support for those in need. We plan a variety of activities, both leisure and learning based, with our children and young people so that they have ownership over their own development. We aim to “break the cycle” of dependence on benefits, poverty, unemployment and ill-health, both physical and mental. We envisage that work and intervention methods used today will ensure a better and positive future for our young people and give them the confidence to aspire.