04 Aug 2014

Media Academy Cardiff was established in 2010 and now works with approximately 1500 children and young people every year. MAC is now delivers its services across 7 sites South Wales.

Our primary areas of work include:
Alternative Education (MouSE Programme)
Pre-16 students have a range of music, Djing, video, graphics, animation and photography Agoreds they can study. In addition, all students have essential skills sessions to develop and enhance literacy and numeracy.

We use specialist equipment and software to help Young People achieve professional looking and sounding results whilst gaining useful creative, problem-solving, socialisation, academic skills and qualifications up to Level 2 Agored, BTEC and ESW.

Post 16 – NEET Provision
We run a post-16 BTEC Level2 in Creative Digital Media Production that aims to help NEET young people achieve qualifications, high-quality media work and a positive progression into full-time education, training or employment.

Criminal Justice
This comprises of a Restorative Justice victim focussed team and award winning Triage for 1017 and 1825. Its main focus is to work with children and young people to stop them obtaining a criminal record and to lower the rate of youth re-offending in South Wales.

Arts for All
MAC believes that the arts should be accessible for everybody. We deliver a variety of arts activities including music, drama and singing, free of charge for young people in Cardiff and the Vale. Arts for All also includes Switch Talent Agency which works with production companies across South East Wales and acts as a skills based training for young people.

Media Academy Cardiff is striving to be the first fully restorative organisation operating in Wales.

Arts for All Coordinator / Switch Talent Agency Manager
Media Academy Cardiff
1 Anchor Industrial Estate
CF10 5FF


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