02 Aug 2016


Arts Development UK is a professional association, with a membership drawn from local authorities and those working in the creative industries sector in England and Wales. We are a Charitable Company, limited by guarantee with Charity Registration No 1146670 and Company Registration Number 07983980. Membership is open to all in the arts and cultural sectors.

Our objective is twofold:

To offer practical advice, networking and support to the profession, and
To advocate for the important contribution that the arts and creative industries make to today’s crosscutting agendas, such as social inclusion.
We are a registered charity and operate as a membership organisation with over 400 organisations and individuals in membership last year, including 265 local authority corporate members (representing about 85% of all authorities in England and Wales with an arts service).

Our Vision & Mission

Our aim is the universal provision of high quality, effective local arts services that meet and reflect local needs and issues. We are:

Creative and Collaborative
Forward thinking and flexible, and
Professional and passionate
Arts Development UK’s vision is to ensure that the arts thrive in all our communities, meeting local needs, challenges and ambitions. Our mission is to equip our members to make this happen.

We are committed to supporting multicultural arts in all of its aspects, in developing participation opportunity and access to the arts for all, irrespective of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, economic background and ability, and we are equally committed to building new audiences, engaging all communities in an attempt to break down barriers and to promote respect and understanding. We welcome membership from all authorities and those working in the creative and cultural industries sector. We can draw on expertise covering all aspects of the arts & creative industries in local government.


In Wales this takes the shape of RawFfest which:

promotes and supports artswork from young artists and performers aged 14-25 years.
is anchored at an arts venue with satellite locations in urban environments and reaches out to rural areas.
increases participation in the arts for young people who are in the driving seat throughout. This includes representation on the steering group, curating the festival, working as apprentices, and being trained as volunteers.
offers a programme over 4 days (Thursday to Sunday) in the middle of August.
explores opportunities for skills exchange and social interaction. The festival is a vehicle to train young people in arts practice and in order to have an in-depth immersive experience, all participants should be accommodated close-by.
is sustainable, accessible and affordable to young people in Wales. The festival is bilingual and we are committed to making this festival as inclusive as possible and actively seek diversity in all its aspects.

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Or talk to Pete Bryan, Administrator via:
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for RawFest contact Ruth Garnault

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