12 Apr 2018

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The Association of Youth Workers Cymru is an independent organisation that works collaboratively with youth workers across Wales. Members share their expertise and knowledge for the benefit of young people, whilst supporting professional development and youth work practice.


Please forward to all your colleagues and networks and encourage all your fellow youth workers to go to the site find out more and get themselves signed up as members. As soon as they have some members, they will then be able to plan and coordinate the first AGM and get things moving forward together.

A huge thank you to all involved to date, let us make this a vehicle for grassroots youth and community workers to connect, collaborate and support each other. If you have not been involved directly so far now is the chance – this is an organisation for YOU and only with engagement from people like yourselves getting actively involved will this become a reality.

This association is not about managers, service leaders or big organisations leading the way this is about passionate hardworking front line youth and community workers everywhere getting together sharing information, sharing ideas, working together, pooling resources and ensuring we have a voice.

It is key that youth workers, youth work volunteers and students get involved and have a way of communicating effectively to each other directly and that is what the association is about. Please help to shape this organisation and the youth and community field going forward. We are still in very early stages so now is the perfect time to sign up and get involved so you can have a say in what happens next.

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