26 Apr 2018
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​Tackling mental health issues and building resilient, emotionally and mentally healthy children and young people must now be a stated national priority for the Welsh Government, a National Assembly committee has said.

The Children, Young People and Education Committee identifies an urgent need to invest in preventative and early intervention services. The Committee believes that the distress suffered by many children and young people could be reduced or even avoided by enabling them to draw on the right support at the right time, in schools and in primary care across Wales.

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As part of the Committee’s wide-ranging inquiry into the emotional and mental health of children and young people in Wales, resounding calls were made by stakeholders for a stronger emphasis on early intervention and building emotional resilience. This includes embedding mental health into the new curriculum and ensuring that schools are supported by other services, most notably health, to reduce the stigma associated with mental ill health and to enable children and young people to maintain their emotional well-being.

The Committee believes a major step change is required if these issues are to be tackled. It calls on the Welsh Government to make the emotional and mental health well-being of children and young people a stated national priority by:

providing an adequate and ring-fenced resource for schools to become community hubs of cross-sector and cross-professional support for emotional resilience and mental well-being, supported by statutory and third sector services, most notably health;

ensuring that emotional and mental health is fully embedded in the new curriculum;

ensuring that everyone who cares, volunteers or works with children and young people is trained in emotional and mental health awareness in order to tackle stigma and promote good mental health.

Here you can find the full report Mind over Matter

For the complete article you can visit the relevant Assembly web page here.

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