05 Jan 2017


You may be aware from following our other social media channels that CWVYS became UK Partners of Eurodesk UK back in August 2016.
We’re very proud of this as we believe it’s a valuable resource for helping young people experience Europe.
The team are wonderful people, extremely helpful and accommodating.

As part of the wider Eurodesk network, Eurodesk UK were sensitive to our particular needs in Wales, a bi-lingual country, translating resources into Welsh on our behalf, assuaging concerns of Anglo-centrism by attempting to put on an information session in Cardiff as part of the Erasmus Plus National Conference in November 16 (unfortunately this was under-subscribed, but the thought behind it is very much appreciated by us at CWVYS).

Looking back to our Partnership agreement we were invited to submit content to the European Youth Portal (Eurodesk UK are responsible for the UK page on the European Youth Portal). This morning I was greeted with an email from Eurodesk UK to say it had been published and was live!


As official Eurodesk UK partners we at CWVYS would patently suggest that access to youth mobility opportunities to all young people, should they wish to explore them, is incredibly valuable in terms of helping them learn and grow. It ties in perfectly with the Five Pillars of Youth work in Wales;


From a personal point of view I can robustly attest to the import of such opportunities. When I began at CWVYS I had no money, a lack of confidence after over a year spent unemployed, and was overwhelmed at first by the world of Welsh youth work and all the potential therein. After being selected and supported to attend a few different international events, being accepted and enjoying, that lack of confidence disipated, and catching glimpses of the wider world of youth work the context of youth work in Wales was better cemented in my mind. My vested interests aside, it would be remiss of me to say that CWVYS didn’t also benefit from these great opportunities I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected for. Due to these personal links some of our members have been able to find partners for projects of their own, or have seen individual members of staff attending training courses based on our suggestions and positive esperiences.


Thank you for the opportunity, not just to CWVYS and our amazing international partners but to the E+ programme itself!

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